With great sadness, the organizers of CSSS 2018 have learned that Prof. Steen Honoré Hansen (honorary chair of CSSS 2018 and co-founder of The Separation Sciences Foundation) has passed away on Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017 after months of battling a serious illness.

Prof. Hansen was Chair of Analytical Chemistry at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen, for more than 20 years. He has been a leading figure in promoting and developing modern scientific separation techniques in Denmark. His research interests included various applications of quantitative analytical chemistry, such as for drug metabolism studies and the elucidation of active components of natural drugs.

Prof. Hansen will be missed dearly by his many colleagues, current and former students, collaboration partners from academia and industry, and the pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry community.

CSSS 2018 will honor the memory of Prof. Hansen with a special event during the conference in June 2018.

On behalf of the Scientific Committee and the Separation Sciences Foundation, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to CSSS2018 and the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

There is a long-standing tradition for research and development of separation techniques and methods at the University of Copenhagen, and their application in different aspects within the life sciences, in particular also the pharmaceutical sciences.

The motivation of this symposium is to bring together researchers from academia and industry as well as users of modern separation techniques, and provide a forum for discussions on challenges and benefits, exchange of ideas and experiences, and exploration of possible collaborations.

The symposium will showcase invited talks by leading scientists, featuring both “old tigers” and “young lions”, thus providing perspective, fundamentals, insight and glimpses of how the field of separation sciences is developing. There will also be a poster session with submitted contributions, as well as a symposium dinner.

We strongly encourage analytical chemists, biochemists, pharmaceutical professionals, and scientists active in life science, but in particular also students to attend CSSS2018 and benefit from the high-profile talks and the possibilities to interact with peers and colleagues.

We are very grateful to the Separation Sciences Foundation for the generous support of the symposium.

Jörg P. Kutter (Symposium Chair)
Steen Honoré Hansen (Honorary Symposium Chair)

Inga Bjørnsdottir
Bente Gammelgaard
Carsten Boye Knudsen
Stig Pedersen Bjergaard

Visit: www.cphsss.org