In memoriam

With great sadness, the organizers of CSSS 2018 have learned that Prof. Steen Honoré Hansen (honorary chair of CSSS 2018 and co-founder of The Separation Sciences Foundation) has passed away on Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017 after months of battling a serious illness.

Prof. Hansen was Chair of Analytical Chemistry at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen, for more than 20 years. He has been a leading figure in promoting and developing modern scientific separation techniques in Denmark. His research interests included various applications of quantitative analytical chemistry, such as for drug metabolism studies and the elucidation of active components of natural drugs.

Prof. Hansen will be missed dearly by his many colleagues, current and former students, collaboration partners from academia and industry, and the pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry community.

CSSS 2018 will honor the memory of Prof. Hansen with a special event during the conference in June 2018.